sit up straight

Sit Up Straight!

In your youth, did your mother often remind you to sit up (or stand up) straight? Mothers, the eternal guardian of erect posture. While your mother may have been correct in her assertions, in your defense, sustaining an upright posture for any length of time may be difficult when spinal joints are tight and support […]

Fix Me Doc

No matter our health concern, what everyone truly wants is to wave a magic wand, & POOF!  We are all better!  We all want complete, quick, fixes without having to make any changes. When it comes to lifestyle changes, compliance is not always as great as it could be. Let’s Look At Why… Just Fix […]

My Lose Weight, Healthy Plan!

On July 20th, I did a Facebook Live post on which I made the commitment to work on dropping a few pounds.  In fact, I made a proclamation that my goal was to lose 45 pounds by mid-October.  That equates to 15 pounds per month.  I’m approximately 2 weeks into my challenge, and after I […]

Are You Invincible?

So, you think you are invincible? Yeah, I used to think that, too.  As someone who has officially entered into the Senior Citizen stage of life, I wholeheartedly wonder… how did I get here so quickly and can confirm, we are DEFINITELY NOT Invincible. Even though I feel as though I have taken fairly good […]

How’s Your Foundation?

Just like an architect looks at the base or foundation of a building to determine the strength and stability of that structure, chiropractors will also look at your foundation to evaluate your structure. That means we’re going to look at your feet! Whenever a patient has a chronic low back condition, it is not uncommon […]