I Got Lazy – A Confession

Easy to do, right? Get lazy, that is. It can happen for any number of reasons and there is always an excuse. Lots of excuses.   My Excuse For me, it was the stress of my daughter going through cancer treatment while being pregnant and ultimately giving us our first grandchild. Yes, Caleb is healthy […]

Be Prepared! Your Inner Weekend Warrior Will Soon Appear.

While the weather may not yet be conducive for weekend warrior activities, they will surely start in short order. What kind of weekend activities do I prefer? Any increased activity to which you are not accustomed will likely create a challenge for you come Monday morning. This would include any kind of sport, yard work, […]

How Are You Handling Stress?

There are three-dimensions of stress: Mental, Physical & Chemical. If you are a fan of our Facebook live videos you know that lately, we have been focusing on posture and diet. If you are following along then we hope your physical stress is on the way to being handled. Similarly, our previous focus on detoxing […]

sit up straight

Sit Up Straight!

In your youth, did your mother often remind you to sit up (or stand up) straight? Mothers, the eternal guardian of erect posture. While your mother may have been correct in her assertions, in your defense, sustaining an upright posture for any length of time may be difficult when spinal joints are tight and support […]