Put Your Feet Up & Learn More About Plantar Fasciitis

When you start to feel a pain in the heel of your foot, you may suspect that you have plantar fasciitis.  Heel pain is a common complaint we get from our patients and you may be surprised to hear that SoftWave therapy can provide some relief. If you experience heel pain on a regular basis, […]

drug-free approach

A Drug-Free Approach To Pain

Like it or not, pain is a part of everyone’s life. While pain serves a positive purpose in that it signals to our body that something is wrong, it is not enjoyable. If for example, you touch a hot surface, it tells you to pull your hand away, so you do and the pain goes […]

Take Responsibility For Your Health & Well-Being!

No one is going to come along on a white horse and whisk you away to a faraway land where everyone is healthy and well.  No matter what anyone tells you, you cannot find total health and well-being in a pill. It all starts with you making a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle.  We […]

Improve Your Posture, Lessen Your Pain

Poor posture tends to happen naturally. People fall into patterns in the way they stand, how they sit, even how they sleep and all those patterns, how you hold yourself on a regular basis, affects your posture. We want to help you become aware of your patterns and develop postural awareness. For example, these are […]

SoftWave As An Alternative To Surgery

The technology of SoftWave has been utilized in Europe for over 14 years to help patients avoid major orthopedic surgery. Some countries even require Softwave Therapy before the surgery will be covered. Once SoftWave treatment has been completed and it is determined that surgery is necessary, patients are required to do Softwave Therapy to accelerate […]

Improve Your Quality Of Life At Any Age

Every decision we make regarding the stress we have in our life moves us either toward Health & Vitality or Sickness & Death! Make sure are making good choices so that you can live a healthy happy life at any age! Stress comes in three forms and within those three, there can be both positive […]