Improve Your Quality Of Life At Any Age

Every decision we make regarding the stress we have in our life moves us either toward Health & Vitality or Sickness & Death! Make sure are making good choices so that you can live a healthy happy life at any age! Stress comes in three forms and within those three, there can be both positive […]

Getting To The Root Of Your Pain

Why do people come into our office and seek care? PAIN You take steps to solve issues in your life when you are in pain. At MHWC, our goal is to help our clients feel less pain certainly, but we have our eye on helping people achieve Better Health, Naturally. That is why we focus […]

All About Inflammation

Inflammation is our body’s defense mechanism. When our body recognizes an issue, it will start to heal itself through inflammation. Your white blood cells will release chemicals into your blood which will increase the blood flow to an area in your body. This can cause redness, warmth, and/or swelling. Sometimes, it also causes pain. There […]

6 Steps to Improve Your Life

In today’s I Want It Now culture, people are looking for Instant Gratification! We want it all and we want it now. We want: More Money without having to work too hard Fast Food so we don’t have to cook Better Health, in a pill Unfortunately, you have to take steps – to WORK for […]

All About Posture

Let’s talk about posture. When you read that, did you automatically sit up straighter? When posture is on your mind, you naturally take steps to correct it. That’s great! It’s the exact thing we want, constant postural awareness. When we are standing or sitting, even sleeping. We want to have that postural awareness all the […]

The Four Rules Of Lifting

Did you know that Dr. Holst is a certified Backsafe consultant? That means that he has undergone special training to help people who work in an industrial environment avoid injury. His training isn’t just for those who work in an industrial setting, it can be applied to anyone as they go about their day-to-day life! […]

Get Your Body Ready For Spring Activity

With the lovely springtime weather, you are more likely to head outside and begin participating in fun activities. Whether that involves playing softball or tending to your garden, a sudden increase in strenuous activity is bound to put stress on a body that has been mostly sedentary for several months. Chances are you may even […]