Is whenever a patient quits care.  Fortunately, it does not happen often, but when it does…understandably the staff and I are sad. Patients stop care early-on in their treatment plan for two main reasons… either they have experienced significant relief and they are feeling great or because they are experiencing little to no changes in...
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Personal trainers and exercise gurus often talk about the importance of good core strength, but have you ever wondered…what is core strength and how do I get it? Where is your core?When we refer to our core, we are talking about that part of our structure that keeps us upright and balanced.  Specifically, it is the area...
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Helping You Find Wellness

Dr. Holst’s ultimate goal is for all of his patients to achieve wellness. Why is wellness better than simply “getting better?” Wellness is your optimal health. Dr. Holst’s over 30-year experience has enabled him to look deeply into determining the real cause of your pain. “I always take the time to fully explain my findings to you. We want to go beyond making you feel better, while being mindful of your time and individual concerns.”