SoftWave As An Alternative To Surgery

The technology of SoftWave has been utilized in Europe for over 14 years to help patients avoid major orthopedic surgery. Some countries even require Softwave Therapy before the surgery will be covered. Once SoftWave treatment has been completed and it is determined that surgery is necessary, patients are required to do Softwave Therapy to accelerate the healing process post-surgery. It is also making an impact here in the US. There are many doctors that are seeing results with SoftWave therapy including the example below:

From the Article, A Conversation with Dr. John David Mullins on the SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology Website:

‘I’ve become a lot more open-minded than I was when I first started. I became more accepting of new therapies and not so closed-minded, asking if is there a better way to do this?’

When he first treated patients with SoftWave in 2018, Dr. John David Mullins was skeptical about the benefits. “I really didn’t think it would do anything,” he said.

Then, one day a patient with a terrible foot infection visited his office at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. The prognosis from several other doctors was grim: the foot needed to be amputated. The patient begged Dr. Mullins for a way to keep his foot saying the experienced surgeon was his last resort. Instead of surgery, Dr. Mullins offered to treat him with SoftWave. After one session, the man’s foot showed signs of healing with improved blood flow.

Dr. Mullins was astonished by this result. “It saved the man’s foot. And it was totally unexpected,” he said.

Since that time, many other patients have seen Dr. Mullins and experienced remarkably positive results from SoftWave therapy.

Dr. Mullins is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing at Piedmont Atlanta hospital and the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. He is the former Chief of Surgery at Piedmont hospital as well. Dr. Mullins graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in 1975 and served four years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force and then the Air National Guard for an additional 37 years, retiring as the Chief Medical Officer of the Georgia National Guard. He started practicing plastic surgery in 1985 after five years of General Surgery training plus an additional 2-year fellowship for Plastic Surgery Certification.


Why Is SoftWave A Good Alternative To Surgery?

There are many reasons shockwave therapy is a great alternative to surgery. While it will not necessarily replace the need for surgery altogether, SoftWave therapy has shown a high success rate and is often considered the first line of treatment. Below is a list of thoughts on why it is a good alternative to surgery:

· It’s non-invasive

· There is no anesthesia required, so it is drug-free

· It is painless, while there is some discomfort, it does not cause pain

· It costs less than surgery

· There is little to no recovery time post-treatment

· Sessions are quick

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