Do you take ibuprofen for muscle and joint pain on a regular basis? Perhaps even every day?   May I inquire how that has been working for you?  What if I told you that, while you may experience temporary relief, over the long haul, you are actually making your joints worse? The good news is,...
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We recently had the pleasure of seeing a returning patient who had not received chiropractic treatment for 6 years.  She called because her neck gave out, although she felt it coming on for a while.  In fact, she said she was telling her husband for months that she needed to get back to see Dr....
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Helping You Find Wellness

Dr. Holst’s ultimate goal is for all of his patients to achieve wellness. Why is wellness better than simply “getting better?” Wellness is your optimal health. Dr. Holst’s over 30-year experience has enabled him to look deeply into determining the real cause of your pain. “I always take the time to fully explain my findings to you. We want to go beyond making you feel better, while being mindful of your time and individual concerns.”