Take Responsibility For Your Health & Well-Being!

No one is going to come along on a white horse and whisk you away to a faraway land where everyone is healthy and well.  No matter what anyone tells you, you cannot find total health and well-being in a pill. It all starts with you making a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle.  We are sharing some wisdom today in our blog:

Remember You Are In Charge

Take responsibility for your health. If you have a health concern and visit a traditional doctor for help, remember that you are a participant in your health care.  If the doctor you are seeing recommends medication without asking questions about your lifestyle, you may need to seek a different type of medical attention. It is easy to crawl down the rabbit hole and begin taking one medication after another and simply saying yes to your MD when he (or she) prescribes medication. There are alternatives to taking medication, we can help!  No matter what your health concern, it doesn’t hurt to have a conversation. Give us a call.

Move Your Body

Movement is life! Living an active lifestyle is vital to your overall health and well-being. Below are our top tips for getting started with an exercise routine:

  • Take it slow! Don’t jump into an exercise routine if you’ve been sitting on the couch all winter long. Make sure you ease into activity.
  • STRETCH! Especially if your body is not used to a regular exercise routine. Get your muscles and ligaments ready for activity and get them used to the idea of exercise and increase their range of motion.
  • Go for a walk! Walking is a great way to maintain your overall health. Just 30 minutes a day can give you a whole host of benefits!
  • Work on your core strength. We talk about core strength quite a lot, you can check out this blog on our website, Core Strength, or head to our youtube channel and follow along with some of our core strength videos.
  • Give burst exercise a try. Dr. Holst is a big fan of burst exercise. You can find out more here: https://middletownhealthandwellnesscenter.com/burst-exercise/

Make Healthy Food Choices

We are not talking about dieting to lose weight or making choices that prevent you from gaining weight. We are talking about making food choices that are healthy! Below are our top tips for making healthy food choices:

  • AVOID SUGAR as much as you can. When reading labels understand that fructose, glucose, sucrose, dextrose & maltose are all sugar in disguise.
  • Purchase organic produce whenever possible.
  • Look for free-range or wild-caught meats. Choosing antibiotic-free and hormone-free is also a plus.
  • Avoid processed foods that are loaded with saturated fats, food coloring, and other chemicals.

We hope this blog motivates you to realize that good health is not a spectator sport! You must make a persistent effort to how you live your life.  That means paying attention to the medications you take, the way you move your body, the food choices you make. As always, give us a call if you have questions, we love sharing our knowledge with you!