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Could your feet be part of the problem?

When we walk, the joints in our feet are supposed to move.  The movement sends information to our brain.  Our brain then uses this information to help control and coordinate the contraction of other muscles.  This is called proprioception and it allows for a fluid smooth gait. 

When your gait is not fluid and smooth it can cause pain in your knees, pelvis, back, and shoulders.  Orthodics can help!

MHWC recommends Foot Levelers.

What makes orthotics for Foot Levelers stand out from other customized orthotics?

  • They are flexible. Most orthotics are made out of hard rigid plastic which prevents the information about your muscles from getting to your brain.
  • Additionally Foot Levelers support all three of your arches. The medial, lateral and transverse arches all need to be supported to allow your feet to function optimally.  Most other orthotics only support the medial arch.

We offer a complimentary foot scan to see how your feet may be affecting the rest of your body.  For Better Health, Naturally!  Give us a call today! (845) 344-0444.

We have a BEMER party every week on Thursdays from 9am-11am! 
Come in for a complimentary 8-minute session can impact your life! 


Can a machine be a fountain of youth?

Circulation is everything.  When your blood is flowing freely down to the microcell level, every system in your body benefits. 

BEMER is designed to improve circulation and help your body get back to it’s best, self-regulating state.  It does this by helping your blood transport oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and at the same time, it is helping to remove metabolic waste.  When your cells, tissues, and organs are nourished and the metabolic waste is properly removed, your body can function properly!

An 8-minute session can improve your circulation. And enhance your physical well-being.


Are you a Concerned Parent of a Young Athlete?

If you have young athletic kids, chances are you want to be sure they are performing at their best with less risk of injuries.  We can help!

Every young athlete is required by their school to have an up to date physical exam in order to be cleared for their sport.  These exams are important but they do not uncover structural imbalances and weaknesses that could be present in your child.

CPOYA stands for Concerned Parents of Young Athletes.  As a CPOYA provider, my focus is to determine the functional capabilities of your child to keep them on the playing field, uninjured, and achieving elevated levels of performance. 

We do this by performing a Structural Fingerprint Analysis which is an advanced biomechanical examination that looks at structural imbalances and mechanical function in the human frame.  I look for structural and functional faults and use them as clues in an asymptomatic young athlete to point to potential injury and reduced performance. 

While the Structural Finger Print Analysis cannot preclude traumatic injuries seen in contact sports, we can significantly minimize injuries that occur from the repetitive stress seen in athletes who are not biomechanically at their best.

We welcome the opportunity to schedule a Finger Print Analysis for your school-aged child.  Give us a call (845) 344-0444 today.