Improve Your Quality Of Life At Any Age

Every decision we make regarding the stress we have in our life moves us either toward Health & Vitality or Sickness & Death! Make sure are making good choices so that you can live a healthy happy life at any age!

Stress comes in three forms and within those three, there can be both positive as well as negative stress. Negative stress is the type of stress that causes harm and injury to your body. Positive stress is stress that has a positive impact on your body. Below we will talk about the three forms of stress and offer examples of both positive and negative stress.


Physical Stress

The aches and pains we feel whether they come from poor posture, an injury from something like a car accident or repetitive trauma are all things that we would identify as physical stress.

Examples of Positive Physical Stress Include: Doing Cardio, Weight Training & Daily Stretching

Examples of Negative Physical Stress Include: Overwork, Poor Posture, Poor Sleeping Habits, Injury


Mental Stress

Mental stress tends to be the type of stress people think of when the word stress is mentioned. It’s the anxiety we feel, the arguing with our spouse, and the unrealistic demands we place on ourselves whether at work or at home that we feel daily.

Examples of Positive Mental Stress Include: Praying, Hobbies, Positive Affirmations

Examples of Negative Mental Stress Include: Arguing, Living Above Your Means, Impossible Deadlines


Biochemical Stress

Is the form of stress that is at a cellular level. It can come from exposure to environmental conditions (such as mold) or it can come from our diet.

Examples of Positive Biochemical Stress Include: Eating Organic, Achieving Weight Goals, Drinking Water

Examples of Negative Biochemical Stress Include: Overeating, Drinking Too Much, Smoking


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