Our bodies keep a scorecard of every banana peel we’ve stepped on

Every slip, every fall we have endured over the course of our lifetime leaves a mark on our score card. Indeed, each accident we have been in creates scar tissue in our muscles and joints. The degree of that scar tissue depends entirely on the severity of the trauma and the care we have been provided. The result can show up as a consistent ache or pain, or it can manifest as reoccurring pain when placed under stress. It can also result in a postural distortion, such as a high hip or a head tilt.

Additionally, our ongoing DAILY POSTURE can also be that banana peel.  How we sit, how we stand and how we sleep can be causing what is referred to as MICRO-TRAUMA, small, seemingly innocent stress on a muscle or a joint that accumulates over time. How we sit is not just a one-time event, but rather something that happens daily, often for hours at a time. The same holds true for how we stand and the positions that we sleep.

Therefore, an accurate postural examination is crucial in the evaluation of back pain or neck pain.  Especially if the pain you are experiencing is reoccurring.

An exciting new service available from Middletown Health, Wellness & Chiropractic is a virtual assessment of your posture. The entire process is virtual!

It starts by using your smart phone, to download a free app from the App Store. The app will walk you through the process of taking the necessary pictures, which you would then send to my HIPAA compliant cloud. Once received, I apply the necessary measurements, and complete a report of your posture, which we can discuss through a video chat.

For further details, or to schedule a virtual no-charge consultation, go to: Calendly.com/drpah.