Help for Weekend Warriors!

Ah, Spring…

Would anyone care to venture a guess as to why spring is our busiest time of the year? 

Spring is the start of the weekend warrior season!

Indeed, with spring comes a re-introduction to the great outdoors, and an often dramatic increase in activity.  Whether your activity involves playing softball or tending to your garden, chances are you’re going to wake-up dormant musculoskeletal issues.

The heart of the issue is this…
A dramatic increase of strenuous activity is putting stress on a system that has been mostly sedentary for several months.  While dodging that speeding bullet may be impossible without experiencing at least few aches and pains, avoiding a more serious consequence may require few precautions and we’d like to share them with you:

  • Pre-activity stretches – Prior to your activity, be sure you warm up your muscles and joints by stretching them. Think ahead about the muscles you’ll be using and work on stretching those.  If you’re going to be doing a lot of bending, you should stretch your back muscles, as well as the muscles in your legs.  We will be happy to send you our stretching card.  Simply send us a text to 845-344-0444.  Include your name and the words Stretching Card.
  • Drink water before, during, & after your activity. It will wash away the toxins of metabolism.
  • Stretch during & after your activity. It’s frequently recommended to stretch in the opposite direction of your activity.  For example if you’re doing a lot of bending, stretch backwards.
  • Take rest breaks every 45 to 60 minutes. This is a great time to drink some water and do more stretching.  Don’t forget your shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Keep your body limber throughout the off-season. Adopt a stretching and activity routine throughout the year to minimize tight muscles and joints that come in the spring.  For a customized personal routine send us a text at 845-344-0444.  In your request, include your name, your spring-time activity, and the words Personalized Routine.
  • Keep your spine healthy throughout the year with regular chiropractic care. This optimizes the function of your spine and nerve-system.

If you have any questions or challenges with back and neck function whether it be how to measure it, how to optimize it, or how to avoid injury, please give us a call!

Solutions for Better Health, Naturally!

Peter A Holst, DC