Chiropractic Care As A Solution For Better Health, Naturally

A chiropractic lifestyle has been shown to improve your immunity

There is a direct relationship between the immune system and the nervous system and chiropractic care can improve the function of both.

A truly remarkable discovery in modern biology is that the central nervous system and the immune system share a common chemical language.  This chemical language allows communication between the two systems.  The immune system acts as a 6th sense.  In fact, recent research reported in the Journal of Internal Medicine, has gone as far as to identify the Immune System as a 6th sense.

The communication starts when the immune system notifies the central nervous system of the presence of bacteria and viruses that may be imperceptible to the classic senses.  The nervous system can then alert the immune system of the environmental changes.  This powerful communication may explain why chiropractic patients suffer fewer and less severe colds and flu.

Through its intimate connection to our spine, chiropractic care not only improves how our spine functions, but also directly improves the function of our central nervous system.  This would explain why new patients first notice that they have fewer or no colds through the winter.