We Have the Feel-Good Holiday Gifts

If you are looking for that special guaranteed-to-please gift, look no further than Middletown Health, Wellness & Chiropractic.  Our gifts provide soothing relief of achy muscles and joints throughout the holiday season.

The first is our very awesome lumbar support.  This special device not only provides necessary lumbar support, but it also gives you a little hug across your low back like you are sitting in a bucket seat.  This would especially be a great gift for those who regularly drive more than twenty minutes at a time.  Normally $20; $12 now for the holiday.

Next, you will want to pick up a tube of our Professional strength BioFreeze.  BioFreeze used to be only available at your friendly chiropractor’s office, but now-a-days you can get BioFreeze from Amazon and at your local CVS.  They now make a Professional strength BioFreeze, which I believe is not available anywhere else but here.  Normally $16; $12 now for the holiday.

You’ve undoubtedly been hearing a lot about CBD oils of late.  If you’ve looked, you will find that anything that’s good out there is fairly pricey.  We have a good solution for you.  Not only do we have one of the premier sub-lingual CBD oils, but we have it in a 5-dose sample pack… perfect to try it out, without breaking the bank.  By the way, since CBD works by stimulating “feel-good” receptor sites in our cells, without the high from THC, this might be a great gift to help you get through the stress-filled holidays.  Normally $30; $20 now for the holidays.

Once the New Year hits, you may want to do a little detoxing.  True Cellular Detox provides an incredible deep cellular detox program that is divided into 3-Phases over 3-months.  Phase 1 is called the Prep Phase.  In this phase, the all-natural supplements prepares our cells to handle elimination of toxins from our body.  Phase 2 is the Body Phase where biological toxins, along with heavy metals are drawn out of our cells to be excreted.  The Brain Phase is the final month where toxins are now drawn from our brain, which is a huge receptacle for toxin due to the increased amount of fat in our brains.  The three-month program includes support coaching and monthly in-office toxicity testing. (Pain-free/non-invasive).  Normally $697; $497 now for the holidays.

Of course, you can always pick-up a New Patient Gift Certificate, which is good for a consultation, examination, nerve scan, foot scan, AND an adjustment.  Normally $99; $69 now for the holidays.

If you are a current patient, would like to become a current patient, or you know a current patient, you can always pick-up a Gift Certificate for a series of adjustments.  Give the gift of health.  20% off now for the holidays.

May your Holidays be stress-free and may your health in the New Year be vibrant.

As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Solutions for Better Health, Naturally!

Peter A Holst, DC