Sharing Our Successes

Sally started care with us last week.  She is a 22 year old who was involved in a motor vehicle accident 3 years ago.  Although she had briefly been a patient in our office a few years prior to her accident, her injuries were considered so severe that her parents never thought to bring her into the office.  Instead, they went the traditional medical route which involved surgery to fuse two vertebrae in her low back.  Since we did not see her, I cannot say for sure if we could have helped her avoid surgery, although it would have been good to try.

Fast forward two years and Sally begins experiencing exquisite pain a little lower on her back, on the right side.  This is common following back surgery.  Once again, she consulted the traditional doctor she saw before.  This time he recommended an injection in her sacroiliac joint.  She agreed to this procedure and found immediate relief.  The doctor suggested that if her relief did not last, he would recommend surgery to fuse her sacroiliac joints.  Not a good idea, since the consequences would be lifelong pain from altered mechanical function of her low back.

Within a few weeks of getting her sacroiliac injections, Sally began experiencing the return of pain.  As expected, the thought of her pain returning was upsetting, especially since she was likely facing more surgery.  This time, she decided to give our office a try.  Upon examination, it was discovered that her right sacroiliac joint was stuck, and not moving; undoubtedly the result of her motor vehicle accident 3 years prior.  Sally agreed to receive chiropractic care in our office.

By her third visit, Sally was smiling ear to ear because she was no longer in pain and was no longer faced with the possibility of having surgery.

We are so happy for Sally, but I can’t help but wonder if we could have helped her immediately following her accident to help her avoid having surgery to fuse her lower back vertebrae.

Should you know someone suffering from back or neck pain following a motor vehicle accident, I have specialized training in treating these types of accidents and would welcome the opportunity to see if we can help… no matter how severe the injuries.  If we can help, I will tell you and if we cannot, we will tell you that too.  Then we will refer you to the appropriate doctor to get you the expert care you need.

For Better Health, Naturally!

Peter A Holst, DC