Easy Does it, Make the commitment to get healthy but be sure you start off slow!

Whenever we decide to change our lifestyle, add exercise to our regular routine, or make dietary changes for improved health, I am sure you might agree that your best results will be seen if we make an all-out commitment. Visualizing our intended goal and thinking about your end result are great strategies for our success. Then, of course, jumping in with both feet is necessary.

Action is required for success.

With that said…

It is paramount that we do not become overwhelmed by our actions. What I mean is you want to avoid going too fast, too soon. This would be a sure-fire way to fail. Specifically, when it comes to exercise routines. As an example, several years ago I wanted to step up my exercise routine. For years in my younger days, I spent many hours riding my bicycle and lifting weights. Then, after years of being preoccupied with other stuff, and not so much on working out, I thought everything would be fine to just jump right in with both feet. Unfortunately, my sedentary lifestyle and my age had caught up with me and I was no longer capable of jumping right in. Did I mention that along with my sedentary life I had also gained more than a few pounds?

As it turned out, my deconditioned, aging, overweight body was unable to keep up with the big boys; literally. I joined a cross-fit gym with the intention of regaining some of my strength and endurance while dropping a boatload of weight. The very first thing the trainer had me do was to sprint against others who were much more fit than I. It did not go well…while attempting to keep up, my foot caught on the thick mat, causing me to take a face dive onto the mat. Thank God it was soft. Nonetheless, my glasses were destroyed, and I hyperextended my fingers and hand. Hand injuries for a chiropractor are not a good thing. I walked out of the gym a little embarrassed, never to return.

That is just one example of how an overaggressive workout could sideline you before you even get out of the gate. Muscles and joints that are unaccustomed to working out can get cranky in a heartbeat. The message here is this…

Start slow and easy.

Especially the first few times out. In fact, one of the best ways to condition your muscles and joints and get them used to the idea of working out is to stretch. Sedentary, deconditioned bodies need to first be woken up with deep stretches. This will stretch muscles and ligaments and bring them into ranges of motion they perhaps have not seen in years or decades.

For additional information please refer to our YouTube page at Middletown Health, Wellness, & Chiropractic. You will find several stretches that will help you ease back into an active lifestyle.

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Peter A Holst, DC