Are you experiencing all the benefits that chiropractic has to offer?

By Dr. Peter Holst

Many chiropractic patients use chiropractic to simply reduce or eliminate their pain.  This is great, we love offering medication free relieve to pain!  But we also want to be sure our patients are experiencing all the benefits that chiropractic can offer.

There is a difference between being a chiropractic patient, and being one who follow a chiropractic lifestyle. 

A chiropractic lifestyle, what is it?
We experience stress in three dimensions on a daily basis.  They are mental, physical, and bio-chemical.  Relative to these three stressors, every decision we make moves us one way or the other on the Health & Wellness Continuum; either towards Total Health or towards Poor Health.    

Most of us know what to do to keep us on the No Pain side of the red line.  We know how to move and use our bodies to stay on the right side of the line.  We seek to remain on the No Pain side of the red vertical line.  And, if we find ourselves on the pain side, we take steps to get back over the line.  That might include self-care or you might seek medical attention.     

The chiropractic lifestyle is all about continually de-stressing your body. 

If you want to stay across the line and live a Chiropractic Lifestyle, simply add regular spinal checkups to remove the effects stress has on our spine and nervous system, which ultimately impacts your body and your entire health.  Ideally, we’d love to customize a plan for you based on your needs and your goals.

Please know that there is no judgment.  We all have our own beliefs and goals that guide our lifestyle.  If any of the information I provide resonates with you and as a result you begin to consider that slight tweaks in your lifestyle could have a profound impact on your health, then I will have done my job!