I’m referring to that little kink you have in your neck or back.

What’s that you say, you have one in both your neck and back?  I thought so.

Something else I can almost bet is that it has become progressively worse over the years, no matter how many times you “crack” your own neck and back.  I mean cracking it does make it feel better, but it just comes back, right?  Do you think this is the same as consulting a chiropractor and getting a professional adjustment?

Thankfully, that part is not true. Let me tell you why…

What are kinks?

Those kinks you feel, what do you think they are, and where do you think they come from?  Well, as the name implies, those kinks are areas in your spine that are not moving very well.  Chiropractors refer to this condition as mechanical dysfunction.  Bottom-line, a kink is where the joints between adjoining vertebrae are stuck in their movement.  This condition is synonymous with spinal arthritis and it always the inevitable result of stress.  How you sit, stand and sleep all have an impact on the health and mechanical function of your spine.  So does how you lift, push, pull, and bend, as well as how many hours you spend on your cell phone or on your computer each day.

Consulting a chiropractor about your kinks is so much more effective than just cracking your own kinks and hoping for the best.  Depending on how violently you crack yourself and how frequently you do it, cracking yourself is just not wise.  Cracking your own spine serves to stimulate “feelgood” nerves, which makes it feel like something good happened.  Unfortunately, self-cracking does not get to the root of the problem, and in the long run, it only allows it to get worse over time.  A chiropractor feels your spine for the specific location and direction of your “kink”.  The adjustment is then given with specificity in the direction that it is stuck.  Nothing haphazard about it.

Additional benefits of consulting a chiropractor to work out your kinks are…

  1. We get to the root of the problem, which may, in fact, be in another part of your spine.
  2. We can help guide and direct you to discover what stress is causing your kinks.
  3. A chiropractor can offer specific stretching and strengthening exercises to help fix your kinks.
  4. A chiropractor can make specific recommendations regarding your daily activities.
  5. A chiropractor can offer specific suggestions regarding sitting, standing and sleep posture.

We would love the opportunity to show you how easy and effective it is to get a real adjustment to get out your kinks.  In fact, give us a call and mention this article for a free spine and nerve exam, just so I can point out your kinks.  You’ll be amazed by how I can find them without you even telling me where to look.

For Better Health, Naturally!

Peter A Holst, DC