Our Belief, Mission, Purpose…

It’s our failure to adapt

It’s not stress that kills us.  Rather, it’s how we deal with stress.  It is our failure to adapt to stress that allows sickness and disease to manifest.

This is Our Belief: That ALL diseases (pathology) come from a failure to adapt to any one of the three-dimensions of stress.

Have you ever known of a smoker, for example, who lived into their 80’s, while most smokers die early from this stress?  Some bodies adapt better to smoking.  On a less serious level, how many times does a cold or flu go through your house where everyone gets sick but you?  Your body adapted better than the rest of your family.  Whether it’s a cold, cancer, or any other condition, your manifestation of the condition depends on your body’s resistance, its ability to adapt.

We also believe that a lifestyle that includes wellness chiropractic improves how our body functions.  In other words, wellness chiropractic helps our body to adapt better to stress.   It provides solutions to de-stress while removing interference in our nervous system; our master control system.

For this reason, Our Mission: Is to educate our community of Our Purpose to change lives with the life-saving benefits of the wellness chiropractic lifestyle.

There is a reason why those who follow a wellness chiropractic lifestyle have few hospital stays, take fewer medications and have fewer missed days from work.

May you live your life like a candle;

burn bright and steady till the end, flicker once or twice, and go out