Do you experience a vibrant life or do you feel tired and rundown most of the time?
Have you thought to yourself, maybe I’m just getting old?

Well, certainly, the aging process can take its toll on our bodies, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our heart and our blood vessels make up our circulatory system.  It delivers our blood, aka our life force to every organ, tissue and cell in our body to deliver oxygen and nutrients, as well as to remove toxic byproducts from metabolism.  While it doesn’t appear as though our blood has to travel far, if strung together, our blood vessels would equal a length of 100,000 miles.

Where we run into problems is with the 74% of our blood vessels, known as our microcirculation (called the capillaries).  Stress, environmental toxins, a lack of exercise, and fast food has a profound effect on the ability of our blood to be adequately delivered to our deep tissues.  As a result, we experience impaired cardiac function which shows up in our bodies in the form of premature aging and a lack of energy.

The Solutions is

BEMER is a pulsed electromagnetic wave (delivered while patients are lying on a mat) that significantly improves blood flow into our tiny vessels; delivering nutrients and oxygen, while removing toxins.

8-minutes on a BEMER mat can enhance blood flow, nutrient and oxygen delivery, waste disposal, concentration and mental acuity, physical fitness, cardiac function, endurance, energy, stress reduction, sleep management, and relaxation.

The results?
Reduced stress
Less discomfort
Less restlessness
More focus
Increased energy.

Who doesn’t want that?

Take an 8-minute BEMER “flight” in our office and experience for yourself why so many feel like it improves function and performance.

Testimonies from fans of the BEMER System

Boris Becker – Tennis Legend
My long career as a tennis professional really affected my body.  Since I’ve been using the BEMER System, my discomfort has been greatly relieved, and my general feeling of well-being has improved immensely as a result.

Ivica Kostelic – Pro Alpine Skier; Olympic Medalist and World Champion
Since I’ve been using the BEMER system, I’ve been full of enthusiasm for its recovery capacity.  Even during races BEMER increases my performance levels and shortens my recovery phases.

We invite you to make an appointment for an 8-minute BEMER session and experience for yourself what so many have already discovered.