The Magic of the Ketogenic Diet

When most people hear about the Ketogenic diet, they either don’t know what it is or they think it is a sham.

After all, the Ketogenic diet is mostly fat. Each meal consists of 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs.  I know what you are thinking….

How healthy can it be if a majority of the calories come from fat?

The problem lies in how we define fat.  Oftentimes people forget about the healthier fats like coconut oil, olive oil, and MCT oil, as well as avocados, nuts, butter and eggs.

You see, our cells can either use either sugar or fat as fuel sources.  Since the typical American diet is carbohydrate rich, the primary fuel source is sugar.   In our bodies, sugar burns like a fireplace; creating lots of smoke and soot.  This is a primary reason why the typical American feels rundown and lethargic all the time because sugar is exhausting our bodies.

On the other hand, fat as a fuel source burns more like propane.  It is much cleaner and lighter.  Again, think of the difference between burning wood in your fireplace compared to your gas burning stovetop.

This is why the Ketogenic diet works.  It gives our cells a cleaner fuel source.

Plus and this is vital….an added benefit to the Ketogenic diet is it can help prevent cancer.  It has been discovered that cancer requires two things to survive and multiply; oxygen and glucose.  In case you weren’t sure, glucose = sugar.  While we can’t deprive our body of oxygen, we certainly can seriously reduce our intake of glucose.  Based upon this fact, and knowing the typical American diet is rich in carbs, is it any wonder that cancer remains a huge issue for us?

So…what do you think?   A diet that gives you more energy, an efficient weight loss strategy, and cancer-prevention…all rolled up into one. The Ketogenic Diet just might be Magic indeed.

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