Stick to your Plan, by Indulging: The Ups and Downs of Diet Variation

Quick….think about your favorite foods:
I’ll bet your list contained yummy items like:  ice cream, pasta, bread or chocolate!

Each and every single one of those foods we listed as examples are filled with…carbohydrates.

Who doesn’t like carbs?

After all, carbs are everywhere.  We can’t go to a restaurant without the waiters starting our meal with a basket filled with mouth watering rolls placed before us. It can be extremely tempting for even the most strong and dedicated dieters.

So how do you stay away?
You could….

Mentally prepare yourself to enjoy the sight without indulging.

That may work for those who have strong will power.  For those who don’t another strategy is to….

Remind yourself of the danger of eating just one.

But once you have one, you may be tempted to indulge in another and another and….

We’d like to offer another solution.  Diet Variation…

Indulge, plan to indulge but in small doses.

Everyone needs a break every once in a while. So instead of viewing carbs, as something to fear, view them as a good food that needs to be consumed strategically.

Diet Variation works because by varying the types of food and the timing of our meals we promote adaptation of cells and supports optimal use of our hormones.

There are tons of different approaches to diet variation.  The trick is finding one that works for you (link to Dr.Holst’s weight loss story blog).  If you make a plan and then stick to it, that is the surest path to success!

Some Diet Variation strategies include:

  • Breaking up your low carb routine with a higher carb day.
  • Fasting between the hours of 8 p.m. and 2 p.m. the following day. This 14-16 hour daily fast is known as intermittent daily fasting.  It is a very powerful tool to burn fat, as well as to support our cells hormone utilization.
  • One day a week do a complete 24 hour fast.

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