A SoftWave Success Story: TMJ Pain

Diana has been a patient of MHWC for a few years. She was very happy with the care she received in our office keeping her back pain in check.

When Diana heard about our new SoftWave technology that we have available in the office, she asked if it might help with her TMJ pain.

Diana’s History With TMJ

While we were aware of the bilateral jaw pain, we were not privy to the whole story. Diana has been experiencing TMJ pain for the past 30 years. Her pain started from no apparent cause and escalated rapidly. The pain was so much that she went through 2 major surgeries that were both unfortunately unsuccessful. Since then, Diana had been able to open her mouth only slightly, enough for a straw and the smallest of meals. Despite her typically pleasant demeanor, Diana reported being in a constant 7/10 pain in both of her jaw joints. Opening her mouth more than about a ½ inch was impossible for her.

SoftWave Regenerative Therapy Begins

On September 7, we initiated a course of SoftWave Regenerative Therapy. When she came in for her 3rd session, she reported that her left jaw unlocked. On her 4th session, she reported that her right jaw unlocked and that she was able to open her mouth much more!

Diana stated that her pain went to a 5/10. She shared: “While that may not be such a big deal, for me, it’s huge! I am now able to sleep better.”

SoftWave Regenerative Therapy Update

Her most recent report is that she can now open wide enough to enjoy a hamburger, bun and all. Next up, a bagel!

If you would like to find out if SoftWave Regenerative Therapy could benefit you, we encourage you to make an appointment! We are currently offering a New Patient Special for $49. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find…

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Peter A Holst, DC