The Challenge of Weight Loss

Losing weight can be extremely frustrating. 

Oftentimes, it can feel as if no matter how many times you change your diet or how many hours you put in at the gym there are zero results.

Sometimes people fall victim to the weight loss “yo-yo.” You lose weight only to gain back what was lost and then some.

These challenges are caused by a metabolic condition known as weight loss resistance which is caused by harmful neurotoxins in our bodies.

These neurotoxins have been on the rise over the past decade.

They can be responsible for not just weight gain, but for many chronic diseases such as:


While fibromyalgia is a complex health condition that doctors and researchers are learning about each day and there is no known cure, proper nutrition tends to alleviate 6 symptoms.  According to the National Fibromyalgia Research Association, cutting out or lessening refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, red meat and highly processed gave individuals who suffered from fibromyalgia a much better life.  Our program will help you stick to this and eliminate other neurotoxins in your body that could be contributing to the fibromyalgia.