Areas it can help

Although neurofeedback is commonly known to help children with ADHD get off of medications, neurofeedback is for all ages and can help with a multitude of problems that happen in your brain, such as:


Neurofeedback is a learning experience based on electrical brain activity. The primary function is to help the brain function more efficiently.

The brain is designed to adapt to changes in the body and our environment and function well at all times. However, sometimes our genetics and our environment cause a disruption to the flow of our brain activity. In neurofeedback training we work to get your brain back into the flow again.

In most cases we start with a brain mapping, an assessment that shows us where the challenges might be. We’ll examine eight different areas of your brain, with your eyes closed, your eyes open, and while performing a task. Once we know where your brain wave imbalances are occurring, we train your brain to work more efficiently. This is done with an auditory feedback; your brain responds to sounds.