It’s Time To Celebrate! 35 Years of Serving Middletown, New York


35 Years! On December 27, 2021, I celebrated 35 years as a practicing Chiropractor serving Middletown, New York.

I’m a practicing chiropractor. I believe in helping people find solutions for their pain by looking deeper to the root of their issues and making recommendations to help them live a healthier lifestyle. I believe in health care rather than sick care. So as part of my practice I make recommendations that point people in the direction of living a healthier lifestyle.

Significant Milestones

Between 1997 and 2002 I was part of a Multi-Discipline Practice that included other chiropractors, physical therapists, as well as a medical practitioner in the form of a physiatrist. This experience – helped to shape my practice which operates as Middletown Health Wellness & Chiropractic.


They say practice makes perfect and I certainly find it to be true. I think that it is important for everyone to be constantly learning and improving. Which is why I always take advantage of additional training and certification to help me become a better clinician.

Whiplash Certification Program

This taught me the mechanics of the spine, how we react to external forces, and how those forces change our physiology. This certification set the foundation for much of what I do today.

Back Safe Certification Program

As an Industrial injury prevention consultant I have been trained to go into industries to help teach workers how to avoid injury. This has helped to me better instruct my patients on how to better function in their day-to-day life.

Body Balance For Performance

Help golfers prevent injury and improve performance. It helped me to take a closer look at the function of the spine and how to prevent injury.

I love what I do! Serving my community and helping people find Solutions for Better Health, Naturally is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 35 years seems like a blink when you are doing what you love and well worth celebrating!