Improve Golf Performance & Prevent Injury

What would you consider your most important piece of golf equipment?

There is one piece of equipment that all golfers have in common, that if broken, it would impact every aspect of your game.

Can you guess what it would be?

If you said your body, you would be correct.

A broken or dysfunctional body will do more to negatively impact your entire golf game than any other piece of equipment in your bag.

MHWC was one of the first Body Balance for Performance franchise centers so as a certified Body Balance for Performance Center; we were trained in evaluating a golfer’s posture and movement with regard to how it would negatively impact their game.  Utilizing our training, along with our chiropractic knowledge and experience and pairing it with our computerized posture analysis tool, we are able to evaluate your body and provide a customized program to improve your golf performance and prevent injury.

Your posture and how you move reveals a lot of information that can help to improve the golf game of even the most advanced golfer.  MHWC can evaluate your body and provide you with a few simple customized exercises to enhance your strength, accuracy, and balance.  How does 20-30 extra yards straight down the fairway sound to you?

MHWC can help golfers:

  • Break through a handicap they’ve been struggling against year after year
  • Gain more consistency with their game
  • Prevent a reoccurring injury
  • Start enjoying their game again

We are looking forward to helping you to shave 8 points off your handicap!  We would be happy to see you for an in-office visit or complete your evaluation and create a program virtually.  To make your appointment for MHWC’s Golf Performance & Injury Prevention Program, give our office a call, send us a text, or send an email and let us know if you want to be seen in office, or online.