Three types of stress, mental, physical and chemical, have a cumulative and lasting effect on our spine, our nervous system, and our life.  Stress automatically begins a negative chain of events that affect our muscles, our nerves and our spine.

It should be no surprise that every dimension of stress is dramatically increased throughout the holidays.

Chemical Stress
If you are like most Americans, you press through the holidays with reckless abandon with regard to your diet.  We consume infinitely more sugary sweets, our overall calorie intake is typically through the roof, and we indulge in more adult-type beverages.  The end-result, Americans pack on between 5 and 10 pounds during the holidays, on average.

Physical Stress
We bend and lift more during the holiday season.  We are shopping and decorating more often and with less rest and sleep.  When you add in the snow and ice that cold weather can bring, you may be putting more strain on your body with all the shoveling of snow or the slipping and sliding on ice.  The impact of physical stress during the holiday certainly cannot be overlooked.

Emotional Stress
Last, but certainly not least, mental stress has a huge impact on our nervous system.  Most of us can identify with the increased worry and anxiety around the holidays.  Make no mistake about it, this type of stress also causes spinal subluxations and nerve interference.

With the increased accumulation of stress on our nervous system, year after year, we have noticed two things.

First, many existing patients experience increased symptoms that require more adjustments during December.

Second, we see an increase in our new patients during the first week or two of the New Year.

This is likely a result of all the increased in holiday stress, but what about those who don’t notice an increase or a have any symptoms or who decide to weather the storm?  For these individuals, stress continues to build, creating spinal subluxations that compromise our nervous system.  Make no mistake about, this has a devastating effect on our health and well being.

Because no one is immune to holiday stress and because our passion is to help save lives by introducing more people in our community to wellness chiropractic, we are offering a free stress assessment to measure how it has impacted your body and your health.  So help us spread the word!

Tell your friends and loved-ones…

And, if you haven’t had a stress test in our office… NOW is the time.


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