Foot Levelers Advantage

What makes customized Foot Levelers (the orthotics we recommend at MHWC) stand out from other customized orthotics?


Foot Levelers are flexible, while most orthotics are made out of hard rigid plastic.  When we walk, the joints in our feet are supposed to move.  This movement sends information to our brain about the walking mechanism.  Our brain then uses this information to help control and coordinate the contraction of other muscles.  This is called proprioception and it allows for a fluid smooth gait.  Rigid orthotics prevent this information from getting to our brain.

A significant feature of the Foot Levelers is that they support all three arches… medial, lateral and transverse.  All three arches should be supported to allow your feet to function optimally.  Most other orthotics only support the medial arch.

Visit our office for a complimentary foot scan to see how your feet may be affecting your knees, pelvis, back and shoulders.  Foot Levelers is just one of the things MHWC recommends for Better Health, Naturally!