No matter our health concern, what everyone truly wants is to wave a magic wand, & POOF!  We are all better!  We all want complete, quick, fixes without having to make any changes.

When it comes to lifestyle changes, compliance is not always as great as it could be.

Let’s Look At Why…
Just Fix Me Doc
When we consult a doctor for a particular health concern, we are putting our trust in that doctor to fix our problem. We just want the doctor to just fix us.  Now.  We want the quick fix that will solve the problem forever.  When the doctor recommends lifesaving lifestyle changes, we still may not be able to find the motivation to comply.

Change Is Hard
Lifestyle changes are not always fun.  They typically require work and discipline on our part.  Let’s get real, how excited do you get thinking about recommendations to change your diet or to begin an exercise routine?

We Just Want The Pain To Go Away
If your health concern brings you to your friendly chiropractor, the recommendations you receive may help with your current pain, but these recommendations may have deeper implications than just mitigating your pain.

The truth is that without a more complete intervention, your current condition and your level of pain could become worse.  Your current condition must be fully addressed, if it is not, it will ALWAYS return.  Additionally, and this is the really bad news, each successive episode of pain brings you closer to it becoming a permanent disability.

How Do We Get Better?
At Middletown Health, Wellness & Chiropractic, we provide both ACTIVE and PASSIVE care recommendations.  PASSIVE CARE is that care we provide for you.  It includes your adjustment and any other services we do for you in the office.  ACTIVE CARE, on the other hand, is care that you actively play a part in performing for yourself on your own.  This would include the recommendations we make regarding strength and balance training, stretching, and diet or nutrition.

Three categories of care:

  1. Passive care for immediate pain relief
  2. Passive care for a more complete correction
  3. Active care

It should be of little surprise to learn that while 100% of all new patients follow through with the first category of care, fewer follow through with additional passive care for a more complete correction, and even fewer are consistent with their active care recommendations.  This is human-nature, it is what is true for most people.

I love helping patients with immediate pain relief.

I never want to diminish the importance of that, however, make no mistake about it…

My greatest joy comes from changing lives by providing permanent pain-relief solutions. 

This includes step 2 & 3. Both passive care for a more complete correction, AND active care to improve muscle strength and flexibility.  Active care, a very important part of your care, is something I cannot do for you.

Passive care & Active care… a powerful combination for a vibrant life.

Let’s Work Together Toward Solutions for Better Health, Naturally!

Peter A Holst, DC