Cookie Crumbs Count – We are the sum of our good and bad decisions


The truth is that EVERY decision we make regarding our health and wellbeing moves us either towards good health or away from good health.

The challenge becomes that the effects of our poor decisions do not typically manifest immediately. It may take a year of eating cookie crumbs before we realize that we have put on 10 pounds. It may take even longer for you to be told that you have diabetes. While it should be no surprise, at that point we might then wonder what the heck happened.

You really do have to ask yourself daily: Which way do I want to move? Toward better health? Or Away from better health? That means before you gobble up the last bit of cookie crumbs, it may be a good idea to remember that even cookie crumbs count!

Sugar – A Bad Decision

There is arguably nothing worse than consuming too much sugar. It is found in many things we eat, not just cookie crumbs. In fact, sugar is found in many processed foods. (Why? Well sugar is highly addictive, and many companies add sugar to their foods to get you to consume more.) This is especially true if the processed food is labeled as low fat or no fat. Sugar is often added for flavor. So…if it comes in a can or a box, be sure to check for ingredients. It will likely not say sugar, that would be too easy. What to look for? Anything with an “ose” at the end; dextrose, maltose, fructose, but THE most egregious ose is high fructose corn syrup. This is the one to avoid at all costs; it is poison. The price we pay for consuming excess sugar is an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It will also reduce immune function, accelerate aging, and cause cognitive issues in children.

Moderation is the key.  Remember however that sugar is everywhere, so moderating your levels is a challenge. Keep reading those labels and watch out for those cookie crumbs!

A Final Thought – Stick With the Good Decisions

By the way, we often see the same challenge when we choose to make positive decisions regarding our health. It will likely take months for us to realize the benefit. What that looks like for most people is:

You make good diet choices, you begin to exercise, you do your daily gratitude journal, and you are feeling really good about yourself. Then a couple of weeks later you step on the scale, or you see a photo of yourself, and you see no difference, so you give up. DON’T GIVE UP. Keep choosing better health. You will see progress; it just takes time!