Are You Invincible?

So, you think you are invincible?
Yeah, I used to think that, too. 

As someone who has officially entered into the Senior Citizen stage of life, I wholeheartedly wonder… how did I get here so quickly and can confirm, we are DEFINITELY NOT Invincible.

Even though I feel as though I have taken fairly good care of myself throughout the years, I have definitely slacked off my physical activity recently, and it has taken its toll.  I have gotten lazy over the past year.  When you are in your mid 60’s, all it takes is a year to truly begin feeling old.

We have all seen it in aging relatives.  Uncle Albert needs help getting up off the couch, Aunt Ruthie can’t pick the spoon up after dropping it on the floor.  Stiffness, achiness, and pain creep in as sure as day turns into night.

I have always thought that all the exercise I did back in the day slowed my aging process, and it did.  In my youth, it wasn’t uncommon for me to ride my bicycle 15-20 hours a week, every week.  Taking a 40-50 mile bike ride on a Saturday or Sunday was a regular outing for me.  Then there was my weight lifting phase, 3 days a week, for years.  Yet, even so, I am now paying the price for my year of laziness.

So what’s the message?
Not get old?
Let me know if you get that figured out!

Unfortunately, we cannot stop the clock.  Sadly, what we really need to do is to REMAIN ACTIVE!  That’s the bio-hack that will slow the aging process.

Stretch, lift weights, work on core-strength, do a little cardio.  Anything to beat back the devil known as laziness.

I have noticed is that it is tough getting back in the saddle.  I’ve had to begin a bit more slowly than I thought.  However, in the end consistency and perseverance will win!

Now, let’s talk about you!
Here’s a test… get on the floor.

How difficult is it for you to get OFF the floor and onto your feet?  Can you get up without using your hands?  Can you get up without using a table or chair to push yourself up?  Can you get up without help from someone else?

I have read that your ability to get off the floor without using your hands to push yourself up is an indicator of your longevity.  Oh boy, that’s a sobering thought, but that’s my goal. Anyone care to join me?  Now admittedly, we/I may not get there.  Too much water may have gone under that bridge.

Stay active! Do as much as you can for as long as you can, so your quality of life will improve.  You’ll move better, have less aches and pain, not feel as old.

A word of caution: do not be lulled into the trap of requiring instant gratification.  Expect change slowly, not instantly.

Do not be impatient.
Do not stop.
Good health is a journey.

Life is Movement; Movement is Life!

If we are not moving, we will surely shrivel up.  Our muscles will atrophy and our joints will become tight.  We will no longer have a good quality of life.

After being checked by your doctor, a great place to start is taking a brisk walk 3-4 times per week.  Begin slowly, then gradually step up the pace and add more distance.  You can also take a look at our YouTube Channel.  We have a few recommendations there that can serve to help keep you young.

Be sure to reach out if you would like any personal advice … we can help each other to remain as young as possible.

It is all about Quality of Life…

My passion is to preserve both yours and mine as long as possible!