All About Inflammation

Inflammation is our body’s defense mechanism. When our body recognizes an issue, it will start to heal itself through inflammation. Your white blood cells will release chemicals into your blood which will increase the blood flow to an area in your body. This can cause redness, warmth, and/or swelling. Sometimes, it also causes pain.

There are two types of inflammation.


Acute inflammation is short-term and generally localized. It starts rapidly and in a short period of time becomes severe. It will usually go away within a few hours or days and is generally caused by:

  • A slip, trip or fall
  • Bacteria in your system



Chronic inflammation is more long-lasting. It occurs on the cellular level and can last for months or even years. The variation depends on the ability of the body to repair and overcome the damage. Conditions linked to chronic inflammation include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Skin Diseases
  • Slipped or Herniated Discs


What causes chronic inflammation? The three main causes are toxins we find in our environment, our diet, and our lifestyle. Your body’s natural defense system will work hard to repair any damage caused by toxins, our diet and our lack of exercise and sleep. Unfortunately, when your body’s immune system must constantly defend your body, systemic inflammation occurs. Avoiding Systemic Inflammation is all about achieving higher levels of good health!


What can you do? We’ve got some great solutions for you below:

  • Reduce your use of toxins as much as possible. Choose natural products as much as you can for your soaps, deodorant, toothpaste etc.…
  • Avoid using non-stick cookware
  • Avoid using a microwave.
  • Find ways to destress. Get a hobby, do yoga, exercise, or pray. Find whatever works best for you!
  • Exercise. Do some cardio, go for a daily walk, swim, or do some weight training to tone up your muscles.
  • Improve your sleep. Set a goal to get 7-9 hours a night and take steps to make sure the quality of your sleep is good (turn off the TV before bed).
  • Cook more single ingredient foods. Stop eating processed foods and reduce your sugar intake.
  • Avoid unnecessary medications. If you can correct your issue with lifestyle changes, then do those before you turn to a pill!


As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call. We want to help you reduce your inflation and are happy to answer any questions that will help you move in the direction of better health, naturally.