What to expect

What to Expect

If achieving optimal health through Neurofeedback sounds promising to you, we encourage you to have a firsthand experience in our Middletown practice. It’s easy to get started.

i.     Email Us

If you have questions about Neurofeedback and whether it may be a good treatment option for you, email us with your questions. We are happy to address any concerns upfront so that prospective patients can attend their first visit completely at ease.

ii.     Call Us

Our knowledgeable staff can field most questions over the telephone.

iii.     No-Obligation Consultation

Not sure if neurofeedback can help you? Set up a consultation with us.  At this time we will ask you to to describe your health issue and share your goals. This is often helpful in determining if you’re likely to be a good candidate for our treatment options.

iv.     New Patient Form

You can download our patient form here.

Getting Started

Your first visit is a no-obligation consultation. We first want to listen to your health issues or concerns and look at the goals you want to achieve. We’ll use this information to determine whether or not you will be a good candidate for our treatment options.

For Neurofeedback patients, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire that will help to describe your symptoms.  After the questionnaire is completed, we will either perform a brain map or schedule an appointment for one to be completed.  After we have compiled the information from the questionnaire and the brain map, we will be able to create a training schedule to help you on your path toward total body wellness.

We want to do more than just feeling better, we want you to excel physically and emotionally. We want to help you achieve total body wellness!

Still have questions about what care with us involves? Give us a call today and we’d be happy to discuss them with you! (845) 344-0444