Middletown Health, Wellness and Chiropractic is a strong proponent of Fasting.

If you have been curious about the ketogenic diet or started eating one, you might want to consider adding a fasting component as your next step toward total body wellness. Fasting adds a strong one-two punch to your ketogenic diet.

There are two types of fasting that we encourage.  The first is intermittent daily fasting and the second is a complete water fast for 1 to 3 days.

Sound scary?  Well, once you have been following the principles of a keto diet, fasting becomes quite doable.  Below are some details on the two types of fasting.

Intermittent Daily Fasting
You fast for 12-16 hours in a day, which is easy once you incorporate sleep time! Assuming you sleep through the night, do not eat after 7 or 8 pm and when you wake up, do not eat again until lunch. Doing an intermittent daily fast 3-4 times a week is a good frequency to prime your body for a complete water fast.  Plus you’ll start to gain some of the benefits listed below!

Side note:  If you have been a big breakfast person, don’t worry, fasting still can be done.  The first thing we need to stop thinking is that breakfast is the most important meal.  It is not, and if it is breakfast food you crave, have breakfast at lunch. 

Complete Water Fast
A full 24 – 48-hour water fast is where the magic happens…
The bonus is that if it is done right, the hunger pangs are minimal and fleeting.  In addition to all the benefits listed below really kicking in, during a fast you will notice that the weight just drops off your body, making this strategy a great way to break free of any “plateau” you might be stuck on.

Here are some of the many benefits of fasting:

  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation
  • Reduces Obesity
  • Reduces Diabetes
  • Reduces Autoimmune Disease
  • Reduces PKA Enzyme; linked to aging and cancer
  • Spikes HGH – STRONG anti-aging effect
  • Dramatic Increase In Energy
  • Improved Brain Function
  • Improved Hormone Balance & Insulin Sensitivity
  • Enhanced Digestion
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Life Extension

If you are ready to implement the one-two punch of keto diet & fasting strategies, a good plan to follow is 4 days of intermittent fasting, a 1-day complete water fast and a 1-day diet variation.

The fact is that seasoned keto dieters can consume a little more carbs and remain in ketosis (where you are burning fat instead of carbs). For those individuals, it is ok to cheat a little on that diet variation day.  Without going crazy, what carb-rich food would satisfy your cravings?  Go for it.  The diet variation day can often times shake things up and lead to a breakthrough.

Scared but ready?  Be sure to contact our office for guidance and support.  We are always happy to help.  We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter.  We will continue to offer tips and support on both of these media!

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