About Middletown Health & Wellness Center

Relieving the Stresses of Life

Since Holst Chiropractic first opened in 1986 we’ve been developing solutions and strategies to help patients to mitigate physical, mental, and biochemical stress.  These stressors are the primary causes of the conditions we treat, as well as being responsible for most other disease processes.  Today, we have specific protocols in place to address all three dimensions of stress, and we are now able to help more than just musculoskeletal pain.

Taking Steps Toward Total Body Wellness

About a year ago, we began to realize that each of our solutions can be applied independently of each other, and that our office was not just a chiropractic office any longer.  Since we wanted to help more people… people who might otherwise not consult a chiropractor, we decided to give birth to Middletown Health & Wellness Center.

We welcome the opportunity to be able to hear you say our most favorite words, “You changed my life.”


Locating the Source

Dr. Holst’s experience has enabled him to look deeply into determining the real cause of your pain. “I always take the time to fully explain my findings to you. We want to go beyond making you feel better, while being mindful of your time and individual concerns.”

Our care for you is based on your particular needs and goals. We offer a variety of hands-on and low-force techniques to help you reach whatever wellness means to you. Regardless of the pain you’re experiencing, our care helps you find the solution to your problem and gets your body functioning at its fullest potential in the most the natural way.

You deserve to be healthy and to feel your best! Our goal is to get you the results you desire. Give us a call today to find better health! (845) 344-0444